KeyedIn API 3.0 (c) KeyedIN Logo / SbrooksKeyedIn has announced version 3.0 of its API for its cloud based Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions. The updated KeyedIn API includes features to extract data from internal KeyedIn reports and extends support for workflow integration.

The news comes after it recently announced deeper integrations through its connectors to Sage Intacct and Salesforce.

Matt Muldoon, Vice President of Product for KeyedIn (Image credit Linkedin)
Matt Muldoon, Vice President of Product for KeyedIn

Matt Muldoon, Vice President of Product for KeyedIn commented: “The latest API for KeyedIn Projects enables customers to look more deeply at the metrics and measures that drive their businesses. For many organizations, KeyedIn Projects is the system of record for project and resource information, budgeting and profitability metrics, and more.

Now all of that data can be simply and consistently shared with virtually any other system, enabling more powerful real-time analytics and business intelligence for the best possible decision-making.”

What changes in API V3.0

KeyedIn API 3.0 introduces one new feature and several enhancements from API 2.0. The API now includes:

Reporting: This allows a report created within the internal report writer to be called using the API from an external program. The API will also enable the extraction of data from the report. When the report is called the API can specify the parameters required. The API will extract a maximum of 10,000 records.

Support Workflow: This is an enhancement to the previous version of API. KeyedIn has added support to extract the following additional fields: Project Type, Workflow Status and Workflow Sub-Status. Additionally, it is also now possible to change the status of a workflow through the API

Project Create: This functionality is extended to enable support for project types when creating projects through the API.

Project Update: The API now allows more workflow details to be included in the project update call. It is also possible to make changes to the Workflow audit trail.

Project Status change: Allows customers to make an API call to change the workflow status for a specified project. It is also possible to return a list of valid statuses for a specified project.

Timesheet Search: Enhanced to include the ability to filter by ‘isLocked’ status.

Task Create: This API call is improved to enable the upload of the start and end Date as well as the start and end time of a task. There are some simple validations included in the API. The times will default to the start and end of each day if omitted. It will be rejected if there is no time period (or a negative time period) between the two entries.

What does this mean

This release builds on the earlier announcement. The new Reporting API will enable companies already leveraging BI tools to seamlessly pull in data from KeyedIn to help deliver enhanced insights. Where companies have developed their own addons to KeyedIn it enables them to improve the automation between systems. Thus removing the necessity for manual tasks.

The KeyedIn API 3.0 is available now. Support for KeyedIn API 2.0 also continues.


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