What is Low Code all about?Shortly before his move from OutSystems to VMware earlier this year, Enterprise Times talked to Dan Juengst about Low Code environments. We asked Juengst what low code was all about. He said it is: “A cloud application environment that allows you to build, run and scale them in a scalable elastic environment. The key is the way you develop the applications.

“You use a visual modelling interface. Developers work in an IDE that allows them to visually model the application, they essentially drag and drop components of the application, connect them together, press the button and automation technology writes the code for the application and stitches it all together.”

This is all about speeding up the development process. As business units demand more apps, faster, IT is struggling to respond. The problem is that are not enough programmers or testers to design, develop and ensure apps are safe. Low code is just the latest promise to deliver code faster, at scale and more simply. Juengst believes that over 20 years of history are on the vendors side. They have seen the previous failures and problems and now have products that can deliver.

One benefit of having spent so long trying to solve this is that other technologies have appeared to make it easier. DevOps for automation and testing as well as moving it to production are an example. Juengst see Low code as benefitting from the changes that we are seeing across IT.

To hear what else Juengst had to say, listen to the podcast.

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