Cloud ( Times had the opportunity to talk to Fionn O’Keeffe, CFO of PeopleStreme. As a SaaS vendor O’Keeffe has the unique viewpoint of looking at FinancialForce as a supplier and also a fellow software vendor. PeopleStreme is an HCM vendor that was recently acquired by the leading Australian Payroll vendor Ascender. O’Keeffe talks about the decision to move to FinancialForce and the benefits that the company gained from the solution.

Fionn O'Keeffe, Chief Financial Officer at PeopleStreme
Fionn O’Keeffe, Chief Financial Officer at PeopleStreme

The interview took place during a frenetic week in San Francisco as it hosted Dreamforce. O’Keeffe talked about the software architecture that PeopleStreme has in place and why they chose FinancialForce rather than another vendor. He discussed how, as a software vendor Salesforce and FinancialForce have helped to increase retention rates, a key metric for a SaaS vendor.

PeopleStreme implemented the system around 14 months ago. Since then O’Keeffe has driven his team to constantly improve the implementation. In his words, this has at times driven them “mad”. However, this has led to significant, iterative improvements. For example, the month end close time has dropped from 15 days down to 5 days.

PeopleStreme also purchased FinancialForce SupplyChain. O’Keeffe explains how they are using it to control procurement spend and also to track their fixed assets. As a SaaS vendor they have fully embraced continuous improvement of the solution. O’Keeffe does not believe that the implementation is over yet as he adds more and more modules. Next up may be billing central. He is also looking forward to the possibilities that Einstein brings.

To hear more of what O’Keeffe had to say listen to the podcast.

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