Roger Barnes talks ITSM and DevOpsAt the recent Atlassian Summit Europe, Enterprise Times talked to Roger Barnes, Group Product Manager, DevOps and ITSM solution at Atlassian. One of the excuses we often hear from large enterprises as to why they don’t use DevOps is that they have a complex environment. They often cite ITSM, certification to comply with ISO standards and other process driven approaches as to why DevOps won’t work for their organisation. Barnes was only too happy to try and put some of those myths and excuses to bed.

Roger Barnes, Group Product Manager, DevOps and ITSM solution at Atlassian
Roger Barnes, Group Product Manager, DevOps and ITSM solution at Atlassian

Barnes sees DevOps as being far more inclusive than existing approaches, looking to get them to move forward. One of the challenges inside enterprises is the way development has broken down into smaller teams. While it has made development more adaptable, it means it no longer fits those traditional IT processes. Barnes believes that the solution is to find ways to make those processes more relevant for the way we work today.

The use of automation has a lot to offer risk and compliance teams. However, the industry has not really engaged with them. Barnes says that we need to do more to show them that doing things faster is not about increasing risk. We need to talk to them about putting in guard rails and controls to meet compliance. Atlassian has been through the need to engage with compliance. After all it is also a public company.

Barnes also talked about the acquisition of OpsGenie and the launch of Jira Ops. He put the acquisitions into context as to what they offer. Barnes also talked about how we can take the DevOps approach and use that to adapt the processes that organisations rely on.

To hear more of what Barnes had to say listen to the podcast.

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