Wheelchar : From graduates to grandmas : Image credit pixabay/klimkinEnterprise Times spoke to Carol Tyler, Global Senior Practice Director – Organizational Change Management, Infor at a Infor SunSystems customer day. The conversation was wide ranging and very interesting. We spoke about change management, organizational change and digital transformation.

Carol Fitzgerald Tyler, , Global Senior Practice Director – Organizational Change Management at Infor (Image credit Linkedin)
Carol Fitzgerald Tyler, ,
Global Senior Practice Director – Organizational Change Management at Infor

Tyler is a very experienced change leader and uses the phrase “from graduates to grandmas” when asked about who should be involved in change programs. It is a phrase that reflects elements of the diversity that should be involved in change projects. To Tyler, an ideal team should involve all parties from the millennial to the more experienced. The team should also include a wide selection of participants that reflects the make up of both a company and all the stakeholders involved in a project.

Organisations should not be afraid of “digital transformation”. We discussed how it can be viewed both as simple and complex. There are different approaches such as horizontal using CRM and HCM or a more vertical industry approach. Whatever the approach taken it always needs senior sponsorship. This is something that is differentiating about the Infor approach and the projects Tyler has been involved in. Through its digital consultancy Hook & Loop, Infor has evolved its solutions from deliver software to actually helping to transform their customers.

We also spoke about how organisational change has evolved over the last few years and the how the obstacles to change have evolved. This included what those obstacles are and how several of them are overcome through constant communication. It is an area in which Tyler offers some useful advice on town hall meetings and how she gets people to open up and become involved in the process.

To hear more of what Tyler had to say listen to the podcast.

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