Aaron Ganek talks AI and CloudtennaEnterprise Times dropped in to see Cloudtenna who recently launched their AI solution for the enterprise file search market. We managed to get some time with Cloudtenna co-founder, Aaron Ganek to talk about the wider AI market and what his company is up to.

Cloudtenna is targeting the problem of file sprawl across on premise, cloud and, at a later date, end user devices. This is not just about file management. GDPR, the Singapore Data Act and other privacy statutes means not knowing where your files are is more than just about employees wasting time locating their data. This is a security and compliance problem.

Aaron Ganek, Co-Founder, Cloudtenna
Aaron Ganek, Co-Founder, Cloudtenna

In addition to talking about Cloudtenna, Ganek also talked about the wider challenge of AI. What does it mean? What can it deliver? Are we really seeing solutions that are capable of thinking like humans or are we just seeing faster data processing? How do we get to the contextual point where an AI creates its own inferences about the data.

To hear more of what Ganek had to say, listen to the podcast.

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