Terry Erisman talks in-memory computingGridGain is holding its In-Memory Computing Summit Europe 2018 in London this week. A few weeks ago, Enterprise Times went to see Terry Erisman, VP of Marketing at GridGain Systems.

ET was interested in what is happening in the in-memory space. For most people, the technology is associated with speeding up databases. ET wanted to know what other use cases Erisman was seeing. In addition, with cloud computing, privacy and geolocking of data, we wanted to know how much latency was having an impact on performance.

Terry Erisman, VP of Marketing, GridGain Systems
Terry Erisman, VP of Marketing, GridGain Systems

Erisman talked about what he was seeing and how the in-memory computing space was changing. One area in particular is the changing nature of storage and how SSD is becoming part of that in-memory solution as secondary RAM. That technology is leading to in-memory storage capabilities not just in gigabytes or terabytes but now into the petabyte space.

To hear what else Erisman had to say listen to the podcast.

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