AI is no silver bulletEarlier this year, Enterprise Times talked with Orli Gan, Head of Products for Threat Detection at Checkpoint. Gan had just given a keynote where she told the audience that AI was not a silver bullet for cyber security. It’s an interesting view that is aimed at resetting expectations of what the technology is able to deliver today.

Orli believes that the challenge is the immaturity of the technology. The current generations of algorithms have deficiencies and flaws that mean today, they are not as accurate as we need them to be. One of the problems of using AI effectively is the size and accuracy of the underlying data. AI needs training and that requires access to a very large amount of data.

Orli Gan, Head of Threat Prevention Products, Check Point Software
Orli Gan, Head of Threat Prevention Products, Check Point Software

Importantly, that data must be relevant to the space that the AI is trying to solve. Gan says that customers will provide access to the malicious data that they have. What they won’t provide is access to normal or benign data. Without that it is difficult to know exactly what to look for and to detect the right patterns in the data. This is not just about a single company. An effective system needs to have malicious and normal data from a lot of companies to establish where the lines are.

Sharing data also relies in regulators and lawmakers allowing it. This is urgent. Gan says that the threat today is huge and will only get bigger in future years.

Another challenge will be that as AI gets to be more effective, it will be the target of the next wave of cyber attacks.

To hear what else Gan had to say, listen to the podcast.

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