Patrick Johnston on improving network performanceEnterprise Times talked with Patrick Johnston of Savvius about improving network performance. After 25 years of focusing on enterprise networks it is now looking at cloud computing and branch networks.

The rise of SD-WAN technologies and VLANs is being used by companies to improve network performance. They allow network teams to shape traffic to improve traffic management and delivery. With cloud computing, use of mobile networks and branch offices, the traffic flows over multiple networks. This is where Johnston believes Savvius has an advantage as customers look for multi-segment traffic analysis tools.

Patrick Johnston, Vice President Worldwide Sales, Savvius
Patrick Johnston, Vice President Worldwide Sales, Savvius

One of the big challenges for companies is understanding where their network degradation occurs. Johnston says that Savvius has shown the virtual networks in the cloud are a major cause of performance issues. This is something that many cloud providers will want to look at. SD-WAN use is also growing in the branch office environment. This increases the pressure on networks teams to understand how to manage it.

Moving data into the cloud has become a sticky issue for some companies. Concerns over privacy, data protection and laws require data to stay in country have grown. Interestingly, as the size of company decreases Johnston sees an increasing willingness to move data to the public cloud. Movement to public cloud is also industry dependent.

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