Frontline.CloudSecurity vendor Digital Defense has deployed its cloud native Frontline.Cloud Platform to AWS.

Housed entirely in AWS, the platform delivers a single solution for securing assets on multiple platforms. It will appeal to organisations who have separate security solutions across their cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premises installations.

According to Larry Hurtado, CEO, Digital Defense Inc: “Having Frontline.Cloud available through AWS provides tremendous value for organizations wanting to proactively secure networks and applications. As a native cloud-designed system, the cost, startup time, and complexity associated with assessing hybrid environments with multiple management consoles are eliminated.

“The simplicity of deployment and manageability gives organizations a platform designed to meet their changing needs.  Frontline.Cloud also automates the time-intensive process of VPC connection setup and maintenance.  Additionally, the platform can scale to hundreds of thousands of assets on a single system.”

What does Frontline.Cloud deliver?

Larry Hurtado, CEO, Digital Defense Inc
Larry Hurtado, CEO, Digital Defense Inc

Frontline.Cloud is a vulnerability management platform. It targets four areas that are often disconnected inside organisations: asset, security, risk and compliance management. While these should be part of any IT department, they are often different teams using different tools. As a result, the solutions are not joined up.

One of the big challenges for most IT departments is asset management in the cloud. Control of data and software in the cloud has broken down, especially in mid-sized enterprise. Departments and users buy access to tools they want, often without reference to IT. This means that data assets are often far more widely distributed than organisations realise.

Digital Defense claims that its Frontline.Cloud solution is capable of bringing all four areas into a single place. It has tools to scan for assets across all deployed platforms. It then analyses and scores the security of those assets. This will help identify vulnerabilities such as consumer rather than enterprise grade cloud services.

It also has penetration testing tools that IT security and developers can use to test software before it is deployed. Cloud-based software solutions no longer require the heavy customisation of on-premises software. But as companies move old solutions to the cloud they need to ensure they are not vulnerable to attacks.

Why does this matter?

One of the biggest problems for most organisations is identifying what they should be protecting. As assets get moved across multiple deployment platforms, official and unofficial, they risk becoming unprotected. The problem is exacerbated with poor integration between security solutions across deployment platforms. This creates gaps in security and awareness and delivers opportunities to hackers.

Organisations are also coming under attack from legislators. There is an increasing amount of compliance legislation coming into force around data. The penalties that some of these new laws can impose is severe.

Frontline.Cloud is targeting all of this and delivering additional tools for IT security teams. It will hope that it can convince AWS customers it is the one-stop, single source of truth for their increasingly disparate IT systems.


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