Stuart Coulson talks about the right way to hire cyber security staffEnterprise Times sat down with Stuart Coulson, Business Engagement Manager for the Cyber Security Challenge to talk about recruitment. There is a significant shortage of trained cyber security staff at the moment. This means that many HR departments are struggling to find the right talent to recruit.

Coulson believes that part of the problem is that the existing way that HR selects staff is broken. The focus on qualifications means that many already in the industry would fail the traditional HR selection process. There is no shortage of people submitting their CVs. But when HR does its refinement it can find it is left with fewer CVs than vacancies. Coulson says that this means HR is missing out on groups of people who are passionate about cyber security.

One solution is to move away from the insistence that people have qualifications. This is where the Cyber Security Challenge comes into play according to Coulson. There are a lot of people who are self taught. They come home from work and get onto the Internet and start learning.

Stuart Coulson, Business Engagement Manager for the Cyber Security Challenge
Stuart Coulson, Business Engagement Manager for the Cyber Security Challenge

It is not just adults. Coulson points to the number of kids who play computer games and then write their own mods, cheats and upgrades. They have a passion for getting under the hood. This is what companies need in cyber security. But they have no qualifications so HR bypasses them. It means a fantastic talent pool is being ignored.

One of Coulson’s tasks is to get companies to sponsor Cyber Security Challenge events. Many don’t initially see the benefit until they look at the cost of recruitment.

To hear more of what Stuart Coulson had to say and why working with the Cyber Security Challenge is a smart move, listen to the podcast.

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