Blockchain testing
Blockchain testing

QualiTest Group, a QA and independent software testing company, has launched a blockchain testing service. The new testing functionality facilitates testing of/for blockchain applications and smart contracts. This fits a valuable niche with the growing use of blockchain technology across multiple industries.

We are very excited to launch this new testing service. As one of the first firms to offer this unique testing functionality, we are confident that others will follow suit as the demand for blockchain testing grows with the increasing adoption of blockchain technology across industries,” said Jeff Wheat, Direct of Cyber Operations at QualiTest. “Along with its positive features, every new technology has its own inherent risks and potential flaws, and we are here to ensure that the industries implementing blockchain to store their vital data remain secure and glitch-free.

QualiTest and blockchain

Blockchain adoption is accelerating. It has the potential to change the way enterprise records are kept. To succeed, the application of blockchain needs software testing.

Industries where such testing will be critical include finance, cryptocurrency, government, defense, energy and healthcare. All these are experimenting or implementing encrypted blockchain distributed ledgers system in the search for:

  • streamlining business processes
  • increasing transparency
  • reducing (though probably never eliminating) prevent fraud.

The World Economic Forum even predicts that 20% of global GDP will be stored on blockchain technology by 2027.

The QualiTest blockchain offering

The secure, decentralized data structure of blockchain means new testing challenges and requirements. QualiTest’s automated blockchain testing service claims to build on standard testing capabilities – such as functional, integration, security and performance testing – to provide specialized testing capabilities. These will include:

  • smart contract testing
  • peer/node testing
  • non-functional testing.
  • The service will address potential issues around:
  • performance
  • consistency and availability
  • collisions
  • security
  • CRED testing query logic
  • database handling.

By intent, this testing functionality will complement the ongoing industry shift toward DevOps.

About QualiTest Group

QualiTest says it is one of the world’s largest pure play software testing and quality assurance specialists. In this space, QualiTest designs and delivers solutions that leverage industry-specific understanding with leading testing technology.

QualiTest offers a wide range of personalized testing solutions for telecom, healthcare, finance, defense, media, utilities and retail. It has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel and India and cliams to serve 500+ customers worldwide.

What does this mean

An Achilles heel of all new software is testing. This is inevitable. After all you cannot test something that does not yet exist.

Irrespective of whether the QualiTest automated software testing functions as QualiTest describes (though ET hopes it does), this availability of automated and standardised testing is evidence that blockchain/distributed ledger technologies are moving solidly into the enterprise IT mainstream. Many enterprises should feel more confident that, with QualiTest-like blockchain testing, they do not have to do everything, as has been the predominant case.


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