Opportunity Map screen shot from Winter'18 of Altify (Image credit Altify)
Opportunity Map screen shot from Winter’18 of Altify

Altify has announced the latest release of its Salesforce apps, codenamed Winter ’18. The Altify solutions aim to enable sales teams to transform their processes and improve win rates and sales velocity. Altify first launched Opportunity Manager on the Salesforce platform in 2006, it has since launched several other applications o the Salesforce platform to assist sales teams to enhance their efficiency.

 Altify offers five apps on the Salesforce AppExchange, these are:

New features

ET was unable to locate the more detailed release notes for Winter ’18. However, the press release identifies three foci for the new release:

Simple plan set-ups – There are new guided workflows that enables Sales teams to create account plans quickly. These predefined plans, follow best practices and can map to organisations that require both simple single user plans or more complex multi person/team operations. They will help individuals in organisations to identify their role and responsibilities as part of the larger whole.

Executive Insight – Reporting to senior executives is now easier. Users are able to export key data simply and quickly using the ‘Executive briefing’ option from the Opportunity and Account tabs in the Altify platform. This enables Sales leaders to rapidly build briefing decks to report on progress. There are also new dashboards that deliver insights for executives on deal and team management. This helps to assist Sales leaders to identify and target key deals across accounts.

Plans set up in Altify can also be exported to Word and PowerPoint for use in meetings or reports. Exports to Microsoft PowerPoint 365 were improved, enabling insight maps and relationship details to be updated when exporting. There are also more options for choosing specific elements from the opportunity tab when exporting. The integration appears to fall short of being a live link back to the data. The exported data also presents better in each slide deck.

Salesforce-native, collaborative user experience – Altify has increased the level of compliance to Lightning. This enables users to move seamlessly between Salesforce CRM screens and Altify screens with the same user experience. Salesforce Classic was also enhanced. In terms of collaboration there is improved integration with Dropbox. This will allow users access to all supporting documents, while they work on creating or working through processes or plans.

Customers with an early sight of the release have already commented. Steve Grywul, Director, National Enterprise Sales, Bell Canada said: “Selling into large accounts starts with truly understanding their business and what is important to them. The new Altify Winter ’18 release makes it easy for us to collaborate to gain insights and map their priorities so that we understand how to best serve our customers.”

What does this mean

Anthony Reynolds, CEO Altify
Anthony Reynolds, CEO Altify

There are some interesting new features in this release. While none of them appear to be major improvements in functionality, they will allow teams to work more effectively. The ability to produce reports in a timely fashion for executives, increases the time available for actually selling. Unfortunately, the full release notes were not available to ET, despite asking for them. This might have allowed a more in-depth analysis of what was new and the extent of that functionality. What Altify is offering its clients is functionality that goes beyond CRM. It delivers the asitance to the sales operation itself to operate more effectively and efficiently. The Altify solutions allow companies to look at the larger picture, the sales methodologies in use and how the processes and sales culture align.

Anthony Reynolds, CEO of Altify said: “The best enterprise sales leaders understand that sales is a team sport. Our latest release gives sales leaders real insight on their key accounts and strategic opportunities, with the ease and simplicity of a solution to empower the entire extended team. Best of all, with our new plan set up, sales reps will spend less time planning and more time in front of the customer.


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