Abby Kearns talks about Cloud Foundry

Abby Kearns, Executive Director, Cloud Foundry Foundation
Abby Kearns, CEO, Cloud Foundry Foundation

At Cloud Foundry Summit Europe, the Cloud Foundry Foundation (CFF) has launched an online marketplace. It is called The Foundry and provides an online marketplace aimed initially at developers. It will allow them to locate a number of things such as distributions, services, add-in technology and education among other things.

In a press conference, Abby Kearns, CEO, Cloud Foundry Foundation gave more details. She told journalists that: “The goal is to help developers and customers locate what they need through a vendor neutral site.”

She said that if they are looking for a Cloud Foundry commercial distribution they will find them all listed in The Foundry. Importantly, they will then be able to learn more about each distribution. What they will not be able to do is compare pricing and detailed features. This is because those are commercial decisions for the various distributions and trying to build a comparison site, given the complexity of Cloud Foundry would be difficult.

The Foundry will help select the right training provider

The CFF has recently launched its own certification programme. So far over 10,000 people have enrolled for the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). Over half of those have already completed their training. There is a significant gap in the Cloud Foundry skills market which the accreditation is aimed at resolving.

To ensure that companies and developers choose the right training provider, they can use the marketplace. This will allow them to compare different providers, to ensure that they are properly accredited and see how successful they are. This will ensure that companies can get staff trained effectively.

One of the challenges of investing in certification is understanding its value. This is something that Kearns would like to see. Kearns was asked if there were plans to see what value a Cloud Foundry certification delivers. She admitted that while she would love to see it as a hiring requirement the CFF is a long way from doing that. The programme is new and it will take time to see what it delivers. What it will do is separate out those developers claiming cloud native development skills from those who don’t.

Training is not the only service where The Foundry is looking to add value. Companies will be able to compare System Integrators and development shops that offer Cloud Foundry support. One thing they will be able to see is the number of accredited developers they have on staff. This will give companies an idea of the level of knowledge that these potential partners have before starting a project.

What does this mean

The Cloud Foundry Foundation is doing a lot to provide the necessary structure to advance the ecosystem around Cloud Foundry. The Foundry online marketplace is a good start and there is already 600 companies signed up to it. At a later date Kearns would like to see the possibility of apps being advertised but there are a number of things that are not yet in place to make that happen.


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