President, C3B Consulting Ltd and Novelist, Image credit Linkedin)
Charles Brett, President, C3B Consulting Ltd and Novelist

On Thursday, September 21st, our colleague Charles Brett’s fourth novel in his THE CORRUPTION SERIES will become openly available. you can find it on Amazon (US & UK), iBooks, Kobo. Scribd and other platforms.

From today, ET readers can buy it at a pre-publication price of US$0.99*/£0.99 on Amazon (this will last until formal publication on September 21st).

As many of you will know, Charles focuses on blockchain for ET – and this technology has its place, in a Greek context, in the novel.

My own review

Does art follow real life or vice versa? Charles Brett’s new novel is a mixture of corruption, crime, religion, romance and technology. One of the main story lines follows the building of a new cathedral in Nicosia. Ironically, or perhaps not, the current Archbishop is also building a controversial new cathedral.

If you have ever heard Ravel’s Bolero and were entranced by it then Resurrection is a book that you will enjoy. Whilst its first half seems to skip around a multitude of characters their paths are slowly drawn together – sometimes renewing acquaintances almost forgotten and at other times rekindling romances amid groves of olives.

The story has several main characters including some who might be familiar to readers of his previous books. However, unlike other authors, Brett manages to convey just enough information about them and previous plot lines to entice rather than repeat. Someone who has read the previous books might differ but it left me with the desire to go back and read Brett’s other novels.

The book is mainly set in Cyprus but it also transports the reader across the Mediterranean, to France Spain and Greece. In the end the threads and characters converge in Cyprus. The plot twists and turns as threads weave together and revelations emerge. What the book manages to convey though is a credibility about both situations and technology that is refreshing.

Brett, who currently lives on the island, saves his best description for the long distance runner Kjersti. An attempt to emulate her feat of running across the island might not be everyone’s idea of a holiday. However, visiting the various locations that she runs past and visits, the churches and the views that Brett describes are tempting.

No understanding of the underlying technology mentioned in the book, such as blockchain, is needed. Brett also leaves dangling threads to pick up in his next book. A book that is already on my wish list.

I thoroughly recommend Resurrection be added to yours.

*The $0.99 price seems to vary depending upon how is accessed, for American viewers it should be priced at $0.99 until September 21st. The US site seems to sometimes add tax to the value.


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