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IFS has announced that it has signed up another reseller to its partner network. FASYL (Finance Applications Systems Limited) is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria and operates across 11 countries in Africa and the UK.

FASYL operates across a scattering of countries in Africa. These include Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Founded in 1998 it has deep experience of implementing ERP solutions. It is already an Oracle reseller, though most notably in the banking sector.

Ademola Babalola, CEO at FASYL

FASYL will look to offer the IFS ERP and EAM solutions, primarily in the manufacturing and utilities sectors. Both of these sectors are asset intensive and IFS has had some success in this sector. In Africa it added Rwanda Energy Group last year. This is also not the first new partner in the region either. It added Computech Limited over a year ago and ISYX technologies in June.

There will be a lead in time before FASYL is fully operational. The new partner will train staff through the IFS Academy, the official training and certification program. This will enable them to sell, implement and maintain IFS solution in the future. What IFS will hope is that they can complete this quickly and start winning new business for the company.

Ademola Babalola, CEO at FASYL commented: “We are excited to work with IFS to implement robust ERP, operational intelligence and asset management solutions that help companies grow their businesses and optimise efficiencies. Along with IFS, we offer applications and services that enable organisations to achieve the agility to respond to a dynamic market as well as to use resources in a way that delivers and achieves optimal business performance.”

What does this mean

IFS seems to be making a successful land grab for partners in Africa. Gawie van der Merwe, managing director of IFS South Africa commented: “FASYL’s vertical specialisations and its commitment to service excellence are closely aligned with our plans to grow our presence in Africa. Together, we are well positioned to help African organisations implement high-quality, end-to-end solutions that enable them to achieve their full potential.”

What will be interesting is to see how quickly FASYL trains its employees and updates its website. Currently there is no indication it is an IFS partner. FASYL also appears to operate primarily in the banking and finance sectors, rather than those traditionally associated with IFS. However, its relationships in the banking sector might help it open other areas for business. It will be interesting to see how quickly FASYL can turn the new partner agreement into business.

Success for IFS will mean that it has sufficient partners and customers to open more offices in Africa. Currently it only has offices in South Africa and Dubai to service the region.


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