Brian Kuhn talks about OVH USA

Enterprise Times recently caught up with Brian Kuhn, Chief Digital Officer, OVH USA when he visited the UK VMware vCloud Air offices. While OVH has been talking about its US company for over a year, Kuhn pointed out that nothing really started until earlier this year. That means that the entire Go To Market (GTM) strategy has had to be condensed into a short space of time.

Brian Kuhn, Chief Digital Officer, OVH US
Brian Kuhn, Chief Digital Officer, OVH US

Fortunately, OVH has brought in an experienced management team. That team played its part in the acquisition of VMware vCloud Air earlier this year. The acquisition came before either of the OVH USA data centres were complete. This meant that it accelerated and changed the OVH GTM strategy.

Kuhn was forthcoming about the challenges that OVH USA will face. He describe the company as: “We are the biggest hosting provider no-one in the US has heard of.” The company faces quite a challenge when it comes to making its mark in the US. Kuhn is adamant that it won’t play the cutthroat pricing game. Instead he sees the company building on its existing strengths.

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