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Sebastian Krause, General Manager, IBM Cloud Europe
Sebastian Krause, General Manager, IBM Cloud Europe

At IBM InterConnect in Las Vegas, Enterprise TImes had an opportunity to catch up with Sebastian Krause, General Manager, IBM Cloud Europe. Over the last two years, IBM has been moving its messaging to position Hybrid Cloud as its key cloud offering. At IBM InterConnect, it changed the definition of hybrid cloud. This, it claims, has been driven by customers. Krause explained what the change in emphasis was about and what it means for customers. While many vendors are shouting that its cloud or bust, Krause pointed out that customers have serious and very real concerns over what can and can not be placed into the cloud.

We also talked about deployment strategies, micro services and what multi-cloud means. Even when enterprises decide that they do want to move to cloud there is a lot of work still to be done. To hear more about what Sebastian Krause told Enterprise Times and what hybrid means in the IBM Cloud listen to the podcast here.

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