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Stelian Balta HyperChain Capital
Stelian Balta HyperChain Capital

HyperChain Capital has entered into a collaboration agreement and made a strategic investment into CoinDash. CoinDash is a ‘digital assets social media platform’ for investors to create and maintain their Crypto Assets whilst interacting with other investors

Commenting on the collaboration, Stelian Balta, Founder of HyperChain Capital said: “HyperChain Capital team have extensive experience in investing in blockchain technology companies and have advised and invested in numerous successful ICO’s including: ICONOMI,, Gnosis and Golem, to name a few. CoinDash’s team is one of the best in the industry and we believe that its platform is set to be the future of digital assets trading, making it an ideal investment for HyperChain.

HyperChain Capital

According to Hyperchain Capital: “Blockchain assets are emerging as a new digital asset class where investors receive rewards at the protocol level“. This is due to smart contract which were first suggested by Nick Szabo. Blockchain allows smart contracts to be written as code which means that when a condition is met the contract is executed. ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) are emerging as effective fundraising instruments for entrepreneurs around the world.

HyperChain Capital is a multi-million dollar digital assets hedge fund. It focuses on blockchain-based companies and ICO’s. The HyperChain Capital team positions itself as an early investor in blockchain based protocols, ICO’s and organizations that support new technologies.

The way HyperChain characterises this is that, if TCP/IP or HTTP protocol had been tokenized as digital assets in their early development, this would have unleashed billions of dollars in value for users and investors. The collaboration with CoinDash will see HyperChain Capital advise and support the former to create an ICO framework. This will include strategy advice.


CoinDash is an operating system for crypto assets. Its goal is to lower the barriers of entry to crypto investment markets by providing tools and services to make interacting, handling and trading crypto assets accessible to everyone. CoinDash will offer its products through a unified platform designed with the mainstream user in mind.

To CoinDash one of most potentially transformative use-cases for blockchain technology is the ability to create new crypto assets. Such assets are becoming an alternative to traditional capital markets because they:

  • enable new models of participation
  • are borderless
  • can be traded around the clock
  • are subject to much less regulation
  • are easy to create.

The past few years have shown a dramatic increase in trading volume, market capitalization, and the number of projects using crypto tokens.

Blockchain technology presents a real challenge and requires a steep learning curve even for experienced blockchain users, let alone newcomers. Today, many blockchain-based applications are difficult to use.
Interacting, managing and investing in crypto assets should be easy and intuitive. The lack of proper tools creates barriers to entry. These constrain mainstream adoption.

CoinDash sees its forthcoming July ICO as being the ‘funding method of the future’. It will use the opportunity to better familiarize itself with the needs of experienced crypto investors in order to improve on its future product and service scope.

What does it mean?

Digital assets are emerging as a new asset class for investments. Allegedly these amount to more than US$4B in daily volume. The total market cap nears US$100B. These are substantial figures.

The big question remains: how ‘safe’ are these platforms and the assets listed? No one knows for sure. What is certain is that traditional capital markets will not stand aside. How the contest resolves may take a decade, but it could be fun to watch – from the outside

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