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Papa Ginos, Bedford, MA
Infor has announced that Papa Gino’s, Inc will implement Infor Talent Science to improve its hiring processes. Papa Gino’s operates more than 250 owned and franchised Papa Gino’s, D’Angelo and dual-location restaurants employing more than 4,000 people. As with other service industries, staff turnover contributes a huge cost in terms of time and money. Kathy Cruz, Vice President of Talent Management at Papa Gino’s is always looking for a better solution and ways to improve efficiency.

But I thought they used Oracle?

Kathy Cruz, Vice President of Talent Management at Papa Gino's (Image credit Linkedin)
Kathy Cruz, Vice President of Talent Management at Papa Gino’s

What makes this announcement more interesting is a blog, published on the Oracle website in January. It quotes Cruz: “Kathy says that moving to a single cloud solution for recruiting and talent management has improved every aspect of her recruiting and hiring process.”

What is surprising is that the blog is about an Oracle solution rather than Infor. It appears that despite currently using Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud, Taleo business edition, Papa Gino’s it is already looking to change.

Cruz commented in the Infor press release: “Papa Gino’s is committed to honoring our legacy of providing the best food, and the most attentive service, to our customers. We decided to work with Infor because its intuitive, science-driven applications will help us select the right fit candidates for our unique culture, and drive more predictable hiring results across locations. Infor Talent Science will provide our hiring managers with valuable insight throughout the candidate lifecycle, and the simplicity will make it easy for our teams to adopt.”

There are two things to point out here.  While the blog was published at the beginning of the year it is not clear when Papa Gino’s installed the Taleo solution. It might be several years ago in which case Cruz, whose has worked at the company for more than 30 years, may have re-evaluated the field. There is a risk when putting out announcements and blog posts several months or even years after the implementation. Your publication may coincide with your customer changing their solution. The second point is that it is not clear whether Papa Ginos is replacing the Oracle solution as part of this project.  Though that does seem likely.

So what does Papa Gino’s hope to improve

Infor Talent Science is one of the applications that has benefited most from the Infor Dynamic Science labs based near MIT. The team there uses complex mathematical models to improve business outcomes. For Infor Talent Science this results in an improvement in staff retention for both hourly paid and managerial staff in the restaurant industry. The consequences of this are that staff who have longer service are better trained. They often produce more sales than newly joined team members.

There are three components to Infor Talent Science: Employee Selection, Talent Management and Succession planning. Each one feeds into the next. It is from the first two elements that Cruz clearly hopes to to gain the greatest benefit though.

Charles Cagle, senior vice president, Infor Human Capital Management commented: “Hiring decisions have the ability to make an immediate and lasting impact on an organization’s success. By using science-driven tools, and hiring the right candidates from the start, organizations can let their employees focus on improving customer service while enhancing bottom line results. With Infor Talent Science, Papa Gino’s can increase customer satisfaction by identifying job candidates who would most likely achieve results that are comparable to current employees who are already delivering great customer service. This is key for keeping customers happy and ultimately repeat business.”

What’s this mean

It is unclear whether Papa Gino’s is implementing Infor HCM at the company. However, this appears to be a competitive win for the company. As cloud becomes the norm for many companies there will be increased switching between cloud providers.

This is an interesting project to follow if Papa Gino’s are moving between the two solutions. There are issues with ETL (Extract. Transform and Load) of the data and how the company manages any dual running. For Oracle and its partner Newbury Consulting this could be a bitter pill to swallow. They would prefer to concentrate on companies still using on-premises solutions. Losing a cloud customer is not the best news. For Infor it is a great win in what is already a competitive market.


  1. Following contact from Infor it became clear that Infor Talent Science is supplementing the Oracle Taleo solution rather than replacing it. The analysis above was based on the initial Infor press release that made no mention of existing Oracle Taleo solution. While Talent science does have applicant tracking capabilities Papa Gino’s are using the employee selection element only.
    Candidate data is passed to Infor Talent Science which then engages with the candidate and asks them to complete a questionnaire. The output of this are 39 behavioural attributes that are mapped against a benchmark for the applied for role for Papa Gino’s. A recommendation is then delivered back to Papa Gino’s system.
    What Papa Gino’s is building is an HR system that creates a fully integrated optimal solution that helps to ensure the best applicants are selected.


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