Atlassian Foundation Pledge 1% programme
Like many new technologies companies, Atlassian has its own programme for giving back to the community. At the Atlassian Summit Europe in Barcelona, Enterprise Times caught up with Pledge 1% evangelist, Jessica Hyman. In this podcast, Hyman explains why Pledge 1% is important, what it means and how Atlassian is using it to forge a greater bond with its customers and partners.

Atlassian likes to put its money where its mouth is. Since launching Pledge 1%, the company has donated $6.5 million, donated over 10,000 employee hours and gifted over 35,000 product licenses. It is all about leading from the front and in Barcelona, Atlassian was on a mission to widen awareness of their foundation.

Jessica Hyman, Atlassian
Jessica Hyman, Atlassian

The 1% pledge is similar in some ways to other approaches from companies such as Salesforce. However, where it differs is that this is not just about time and profits but also equity. This is a bold approach from Atlassian. Many companies, particularly small business will struggle with the concept. However, look at Atlassian’s partner base and it is full of young, small, vibrant companies. For these organisations, the Pledge 1% campaign resonates.

What is interesting is that this is more than just about partners. Atlassian is taking this message to its customer base. Importantly, it has a very large customer base with a lot of blue chip companies such as Sky, RBS, Visa, Terradata, Fujitsu, Amadeus and many more. These larger listed companies will have their own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes in place. While they won’t meet all the goals of Pledge 1% what is surprising is that Atlassian is getting through to them.

To get a better understanding of what Hyman had to say, listen to the podcast. If you don’t want to listen online then download the podcast to your desktop, laptop or mobile device and listen to it later.


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