SAP Enable NOW adds cloud based features (image credit Pixabay/Geralt)

SAP has announced new functionality to SAP Enable Now. The SAP Enable Now product allows organisations to create modern training materials that supports the creation of user assistance content. This can supplement and add to the existing assistance available to users. The new functionality includes the ability to integrate the training into S/4HANA.

The new functionality includes a new user interface, web authoring and simplified content production. Further information will be available in the form of webinars and demos (English | German). There is more on this in the SAP Enable Now info center. Registration is required for both of these.

S/4HANA embedded

Modern training for software should be more than just the knowledge transfer that SAP talks about in the press release.  Sein, Bostrum and Olfman proposed a hierarchical knowledge model indicating that both motivation and knowledge transfer is an objective. The default user assistance within SAP S/4HANA provides some of the knowledge required to use the application. SAP Enable Now allows organisations to go further. They can develop both informal and formal training as well as user assistance programs for greater learning. By embedding and integrating unique business focussed content within S/4HANA, students can be educated on both the how and the why.

The software enables the ability to create several different training tools. This includes simulations, books, text units, documentation, playbacks and quizzes. Delivered correctly Each of these ensures users are trained on a far wider curriculum than just using the software. Processes, compliance, health and safety, and other topics can also be delivered


Karie Willyerd, Head, Global Customer Education and Learning at SAP (Image credit Linkedin)
Karie Willyerd, Head, Global Customer Education and Learning at SAP

Karie Willyerd, global head of Customer Education and Learning at SAP commented: “In the wake of digital transformation, user adoption has become more important than ever before. To keep up with the increasing pace of innovations in cloud solutions, users need to be supported directly in the context of their work with help embedded and instantly available. SAP Enable Now gives SAP S/4HANA customers integrated, context-sensitive performance support and process tutorials to help users with adopting changes in business processes, as well as offering a first line of support in their daily work.”

SAP Enable Now is available both on premises and from the cloud. This latest release sees more of the functionality available in the cloud version but it is not clear is all functions are available in both. There is also an integrated interface with SAP Solution Manager that helps users to embed content into their application lifecycle management platform.


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