Tim Rawlins talks cybersecurity

Enterprise Times recently caught up with Tim Rawlins, Senior Advisor and Director, NCC Group. We sat and talked about the state of cyber security, the problems of staff retention and threat intelligence.

Tim Rawlins, Snr Advisor and Director, NCC Group
Tim Rawlins, Snr Advisor and Director, NCC Group

Rawlins accepts that there is a major problem across the industry when it comes to attracting and retaining staff. Interestingly, rather than over commit to any one group, NCC Group has been casting its net far and wide. Rawlins talked about their plans for universities and are they now working with schools. This allows them to offer bursaries at university and to help identify those with talent at an early age.

When it comes to staff retention, Rawlins told us that NCC Group has a number of programmes to help staff stay with the company. These include allowing people to develop their own projects. If the projects are good enough, rather than let staff leave to create their own company, NCC Group is willing to help build a business plan. If the business plan works and generates revenue then the staff get to share in that revenue. The success of that programme has helped NCC Group reduce its reliance on acquisition.

We also talked about the challenges of threat intelligence and privacy. This is a big problem that the industry needs to begin addressing now. We are still seeing limited threat intelligence sharing between companies. Part of this is that they are worried about the regulators. We asked Rawlins if this was also related to the risk of privacy. He said that there are ways to share data without compromising privacy. However, organisations must build in privacy to their systems or else they are taking chances.

This was an interesting podcast and an even more interesting insight into NCC Group and how it works. To find out more about what Rawlins had to say, listen to or download the podcast.


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