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You can create anything you like in your email. If you want the same stuff every so often, it makes sense to have it at your fingertips just when you need it instead of recreating it all from scratch. This is especially important if you can’t remember some of the items needed, the correct spelling of some names or the colour used. I am going to show you how to set up a Quick Part in Outlook so that you only have to create it once but use it whenever you need at a click of the mouse.

What is a Quick Part in Outlook? Unfortunately, it is NOT the same Quick Parts as you have in Word. That is to say your entries are not in one location to be used by both applications. Microsoft what a shame!

Read my tip on Save time with Autotext in documents that I wrote a while back. You use the exact same steps to create a Quick Part in Outlook and save it to the same area.

To Use a Quick Part

Once again follow my advice in the tip on Autotext above..

There is a faster way to insert your desired Quick Part, but you need to know the name you gave it when you created it. It is important to make sure you use descriptive and memorable names.


Start typing and a screen tip will appear, just in the same way as when you start typing a long date, press enter and the Quick Part will be inserted.


Type the first three letters of the name of your Quick Part and press the F3 key on your keyboard.

So there you have it. Create lots of autotexts that contain “standard paragraphs”, photos, tables and all sorts, then store them in Outlook so that you don’t have to start from scratch again.


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