Different presentations in one - source Image: Pixabay / Anelka
Different presentations in one

I am often asked if there is an easy way to use some of a colleague’s slide deck as part of the presentation they are putting together for a conference or sales pitch. When you create a new presentation in PowerPoint you usually have a template or design running throughout the presentation slides. You have a “house” colour, logo, typeface, background etc. but the slides you want to use have an entirely different colour scheme. So, what do you do? Start from scratch? The answer is most definitely NO! there is lovely way to incorporate other people’s slides into your own. Please seek permission from them first though.

You have slaved over the pc for hours creating just the feel you want for your presentation the colours that match what you’re talking about, the logo in the correct place and now you want to add a couple of slides a colleague has created before and is happy for you to use in your presentation but you don’t want it to stand out like a sour thumb because the colours are all different and maybe even the logo.

Make sure you have only the two presentations open on your desktop. Then for each view them in Slide Sorter View. This is found on the View Tab third tool from the left.

slide sorter on view tab

This allows you to see most if not all of your slides in miniature. It also allows you to sort them in the order you want, for this particular presentation, as the name suggests. Once you have done this select the Arrange all in the View Tab.

Arange All windows

Here is an example of two different presentations side by side in Sort view.

side by side presentations


Easy way to add a slide from another presentation


Please use the right-hand button on your mouse to do the next step as it allows you much more control.

Select the slide you wish to incorporate into your presentation.

Right mouse click hold and drag it to your presentation and only let go of the mouse when you see the vertical line appear between the two slides you intend this new slide to sit.

insert point in slide sorter

When you let go of the mouse you are presented with three questions.

move copy or cancel

Because these two files are on the same drive if you used your left mouse to click hold and drag the slide across to your presentation you would have by default removed it from the original presentation and placed it into your new on. Having used the right mouse button, you have the ability to choose what you want to happen.

Please note that the original slide had a dark purple background and a logo of the world in the corner. See what it looks like in the orange background presentation.

incorporated slide

Your worries of having to create the slide from scratch and it taking a very long time have now been dispersed in one click of the mouse!


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