Lada Image distribute spare parts for Lada in Russia (Source pixabay/unsplash)
Lada Image distribute spare parts for Lada in Russia

Infor has announced that Lada Image have taken control of the roll out of Infor SCE in Russia. Lada Image has just completed the roll out of Infor WMS (Warehouse Management System) to another warehouse supported mainly by their internal teams. This is part of the deployment of  Infor SCE version 10.0 across their sites.

Lada Learning from the roll outs

Lada first deployed the WMS from Infor SCE in 2012. This was to replace an aging inventory accounting solution. Infor’s Russian partners, LT Management implemented the WMS solution for Lada. It is now live at three warehouses Togliatti, Yekaterinburg and Tver. Lada Image staff deployed the Tver implementation saving money on the use of external professional services teams.

The next stage for Lada Image appears to be enabling more functionality from within the Infor SCE suite. It will begin with the  implementation of labour management.

Clear benefits encourage expansion

The deployment of the solution may seem slow. However Lada Image are now able to measure its success and are able to justify the expansion further. The warehouses it has already deployed show a utilisation figure of between 74-84% for their containers. The press release makes the claim that errors in the inventory accounting system fell to 0.00016%, though the translation is a little unclear and could not be verified. The press release states: “And the error in cell accounting has decreased to 0.00016%.”

Lada Image provides distribution for Lada parts across Russia, through its own warehouses and a dealer network. It also delivers parts beyond the borders of Russia, but appears to have no actual presence outside the country. Alexander Panin, Logistics Director at LADA Image commented: “The Infor WMS solution is noted for a well-developed basic functionality, ‘transparent’ system algorithms and flexible parametrization of the existing algorithms. Integration of the WMS solution has helped us reach a number of important strategic goals such as commissioning of the new site, reaching high QSA performance within our dealer network and expansion of the regional warehouse network.”

What Lada Image has found is that the system is easily rolled out to new Warehouses as they are opened. Boris Frolov, CIO at LADA Image commented: “Infor WMS enables us to quickly, and with minimal effort, automate new facilities by integrating them into a single information environment, enabling companies to implement business development plans without any possible restrictions within Infor WMS”


Dmitry Martynov, official Infor representative in Russia and the CIS (Source LinkedIn)
Dmitry Martynov, official Infor representative in Russia and the CIS

Infor are not the only company to have success in Russia. JDA has also had success with a roll out at Boobl Goom, a toy retailer. Russia is not always an easy market to penetrate. It is important for companies to have a good partner network there.  There are also limited cloud solutions available and Lada Image are likely deploying the solution on-premises. However they can move the solution to the cloud in the future as Infor SCE 10.0.0 is cloud ready.

Dmitry Martynov, Official Infor Representative in Russia and CIS commented: “Infor solutions meet most of new business requirements using existing system functionality without any need for further enhancement. This facilitates solutions scaling and provides more freedom to the customer in terms of setup and operation”.


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