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Quintus selects Prevas and Infor for enhancement to preventative maintenance

Quintus Technologies has selected Infor EAM through channel partner Prevas. Quintus specialises in the design manufacture, installation and support of high pressure systems for sheet metal forming and densification of advanced materials and critical industrial components. The company already recognises the benefits of a solid preventative maintenance program but wanted to take it to the next level. Formerly Avure Technologies the company has bases in the Sweden and the USA.

Four key benefits of preventative maintenance

Quintus has been an advocate for preventative maintenance on its products for some time. It believes that there are four key benefits in delivering a robust preventative maintenance program for its customers.

Maximize uptime. As time passes components fail. Ensuring that products are maintained and aging components exchanged maximizes up-time. This is achieved by a preventative maintenance program that regularly checks components.

Increase operator and machine safety. The Quintus systems, deals with materials in dangerous forms and without regular checks there can be an increased risk for failure from fatigue. Failure to undertake these checks and perform the maintenance required increases the risk to both operators and equipment.

Extending product life.  Once a single component becomes worn it can cause the degradation of other components within machines far more rapidly. This can start a cascade effect that considerably lessens the life span of a system. Cleaning, lubricating and replacing components either with spare or upgraded parts means MTTR (Mean time to replacement) is increased significantly.

Reduce energy consumption. This is a world where carbon reduction targets and going green are commonplace. Poorly performing equipment increases both energy costs and carbon emissions. Preventative maintenance can mitigate against this as parts are replaced or lubrication renewed.

While these reasons are why Quintus recommends preventative maintenance for its customers. It doesn’t mean that they are carried out. However poorly maintained equipment can often lead not only to a higher cost for customers but also a loss in confidence in Quintus machinery. Quintus therefore looked for a way to improve the service it could offer customers, increasing customer satisfaction and helping with growth through referral and customer expansion.

Taking preventative maintenance to the next level

In searching for a solution Quintus engaged with an existing supplier, Prevas. They attended a Prevas Productivity Day and learnt how another customer had improved their approach to preventative maintenance. The Prevas solution, built on Infor EAM presents a web front end solution that provides a full asset management solution. Once components are traceable, failure rates are predicted based on usage. Infor EAM will give Quintus a level traceability for components that will assist in in meeting and exceeding government regulations in production.

One thing isn’t clear from the press releases issued by both Prevas and Infor. Whether Quintus would also be adopting IoT enabled components within its systems. This might be in their future plans as they look to gather even more data about their machines that are operating at customer sites. The Infor EAM solution can certainly help them track components and recommend replacements and upgrades at the appropriate times. An implementation of fully integrated sensors would enable them to monitor temperatures, vibration lubrication levels and other key indicators of wear and tear, as well as cycles.

The solution they have implemented is a step change over what they did previously though. Hans Nilsson, heads Life Cycle Management at Quintus Technologies commented: “We have delivered our high-pressure presses to customers all over the world and to many different industries. It’s a challenge to ensure that we and our customers achieve maximum yield from the plants. Prevas will be an important piece of the puzzle in accomplishing this.”


Kevin Price, product & strategy director, EAM, Infor (Source linkedin)
Kevin Price, product & strategy director, EAM, Infor

This is not just about helping customers maximise the benefits of their machines. In the future change Quintus could change their proposition from a pure manufacturer to offering a service to customers.  This is an interesting concept. Quintus might charge customers by the amount of metal they press rather than selling the machines that do the pressing. Magnus Windhede from the EAM Center of Excellence at Prevas commented: “Across our customer base we see considerable potential for growth and profitability through the streamlining and improving of maintenance. In addition to increasing operational awareness, an effective maintenance solution also increases capabilities for providing service, support and spare parts management, which in turn can lead to the creation of new business models.”

For Infor this demonstrates how its EAM software can transform industry. Not just transportation industries such as the New York MTA, but also heavy manufacturing industries across the globe. Kevin Price, product director, EAM, Infor commented: “Infor EAM provides the necessary connectivity and visibility across all assets and touch points of an organization to improve productivity, boost service levels and reduce both costs and carbon footprints. Quintus is a great example of a manufacturer facing global challenges and responding to these through embracing innovation in its processes.  In partnership with Prevas, we look forward to seeing these unfold to support its growth path in the coming years.”

Quintus are undoubtedly improving their preventative maintenance program with this implementation. However, it will be interesting to see how quickly they take the solution to the next level. This is achievable with the introduction of sensor equipment. This can turn an improved service to customers to a completely new business model.


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