Drinking Water (Image Source : Pixabay/priyanka98742) IFS has announced that EP Engenharia (EP), a Brazilian environmental solutions company, has selected IFS applications 9 for its new ERP solution. EP are not a small company. Founded in 1974 in Sao Paolo they have grown to have over 400 employees. They manufacture, sell and maintain multiple products but specialise in water and wastewater treatment plants. EP manufacturers the chemicals for the plants in its own laboratory. This means EP are both a traditional manufacturing company and a highly regulated chemical producer.

EP manages more than 40 customer owned treatment plants itself. In total the machinery that it has produced treats more than 18 million cubic metres of water every year. Its machines are found in diverse industries such as automotive, food and beverage, petrochemicals, pulp and paper, and aerospace.

Personalisation in ERP the key for EP

As the company has grown they wanted an ERP solution that could increase efficiency across the business. EP also wanted to improve processes across its business functions. This included project management, finance, manufacturing, engineering, quality and supplier management. Key to the choice of IFS was IFS Lobby which is part of IFS Applications 9. Lobbies allow the personalisation of home screen by job role, delivering relevant information and actions that are relevant for each user.

EP Sales Director, Rogerio Toledo de Almeida commented: “We chose IFS Applications because of the intuitive interface, which is very flexible and allows users to create personalised dashboards and reports. IFS’s comprehensive industry solution, as well as its long and successful track record in the engineering and manufacturing sector, was also a key consideration for us. The IFS solution will enable us to increase efficiency in many areas of our business, including project management, which is of high importance to us.”

EP look to be implementing the solution on-premises. There is no mention of a cloud deployment in the release. IFS cloud uses Microsoft Azure who opened their data centre in Brazil 2014. It would be interesting to understand the reasons for EP’s choice of deployment.

Latin IFS president and CEO Lávio Falcão added: “IFS is well known for providing products and services to many renowned engineering and manufacturing companies around the world. We are pleased that IFS Applications 9 will help EP to enhance its complex engineering projects and we are confident that our solution will help the company grow through real-time information and enhanced decision-making.”


This is yet another win for IFS in a region that other ERP companies are not making much noise in. Although Exact Macola recently announced an increased presence in South America, others are hesitant to go there.  While IFS may have won the del the hard work is about to begin.


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