Animation can make your presentation sing and dance image source: ADMANE Samir
Animation can make your presentation sing and dance

Have you ever sat through a presentation where the slides you see are not very interesting and they don’t capture your imagination? I’m not saying that the presentation needs to be all singing and all dancing but applying basic animation in PowerPoint it can just lift the whole presentation and add interest to it.

Let’s start with a very boring bulleted list style of presentation. Animation1

Here we have exactly what we need. A list of what the presentation is going to be about. But if the speaker wishes to embellish upon this list before going into the presentation it would be a good idea to have them appear one at a time rather than all at once so the speaker has the control over the presentation.

Adding simple animation

Click in the list area of your slide to activate that list.

Select Animations from the Tabs. Animation2

As you can see the default is set to “None” and you can see a lot of different styles of animation in the Ribbon. It is wise to select each one in turn and experiment to see which ones you really like and more importantly which ones work for your specific presentation. Yes it’s a long laborious task but one well worth doing.

As soon as you select one of these effects numbers in little boxes appear next to your bullet points showing you the order in which the text will appear. Animation3

Select the Preview tool right at the start of this Ribbon. Animation4

Depending upon the effect you have chosen depends upon the outcome. For example, “Appear” just makes all the bullet point appear at once but move onto the next effect “Fade” and they appear though a fade sequence one bullet point at a time. This is your control.

Now you have chosen the effect you like and suits the subject matter select the Effect Options Tool. Animation5

Here you can refine the effect. The default is set so that each bullet point comes in on its own, one at a time.

If you need more refinement then I suggest you select the Animation Pane Tool. Animation6

This will open onto the right hand side of your window and gives you a host of settings to play with. Animation7

In the Animation Pane move to the bullet point you wish to edit the animation to and an arrow appears. Select it. Then select whatever you require from that list. Animation8

Don’t forget that each time you select a new setting it will add this to your animation routine so please delete the ones you don’t want and ALWAYS play your presentation through thoroughly to make sure you have the affects you desire and it all works well.

My advice to all is that don’t overdo your presentation with too much animation. Each letter can for instance appear on its own in a string of text this is fun but very boring if over used. Also SOUND. Please don’t over use this either. Little is more.


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