Drawing objects in PowerPoint
Drawing objects in PowerPoint

Children love to draw when they are little and sometimes they draw in the wrong places such as on the walls of your living room. It is very sad that many people forget the joy of drawing. PowerPoint allows you to rekindle this love when you come to create your own slide shows. There are many times you need to draw a few items such as boxes with text inside or arrows and the like. PowerPoint has a number of objects you can quickly use to draw what you require.

At first glance you may see the object you require to draw and get very frustrated when you want to draw the same or very similar many times over. Here are a few tips in drawing in PowerPoint.

Drawing a line

This is the simplest object that has many aspects to it.

First off to practice this create yourself a new presentation and save it as Practice Drawing Objects.

Change the layout of the first slide to a blank slide.

If you need one line only click on the line tool in the drawing section of the Home Tab.

Drawn 1

You will see that your mouse pointer is a cross hair, move to the area where you wish to start your line and click the left mouse button, hold it down and drag to where you wish to end the line. When you have let go of the mouse the line tool is no longer available to use, you will need to reselect it if you want to draw another one.

If you know that you need to draw several lines in succession then right mouse click on the line tool and select “Lock Drawing Mode” from the list that appears. Now you can draw as many lines as you need. When you have enough, click back on the tool once and this puts the tool away. Nice and tidy.

This can be done to most of the items in the drawing tool set.

Once you have drawn your item, select one and see if it has not just the scaling handles, (these help you adjust the size or placement of the item,) but also a yellow diamond. This will allow you to adjust the slant or curve, thickness or perspective of your object. Drawn 2

Control when drawing

When you draw a line you may find it difficult to draw a perfect horizontal or vertical line. To be able to do this hold down the Shift key and the line will automatically be vertical or horizontal depending upon how close you are to either. Do not let go of the Shift key before you let go of the mouse, as then the line will revert to where the mouse pointer is and not be true Vertical or Horizontal.


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