Managing communications

The challenge for marketers is the volume of information that can be collected. The Infor software is capable of monitoring email, SMS, social media and the latest update allows real time monitoring of email campaigns. This allows marketing teams to react quickly as the success within A/B campaigns show results and also deliver a more personalised response to customer engagement.

Analyzing data

The analysis of data has also been improved. Companies purchase third party lists for campaigns and the new release allows these lists to be tracked with a 360 degree view of campaign segmentation with extended tagging capabilities against each list. Tracking the success of lists from different providers ensures that money spent on those lists is justified and future expenditure improves.

Creating actionable strategies

The majority of the software improvements focus on what marketers can actually do to their campaigns. Workflows have been improved with multi wave and multi channel campaigns available, but it also benefits from the Hook & Loop UI update enhanced filter control that allows users to undo filters, map campaigns against KPIs and the introduction of control groups. Again it is the UI improvements that users will probably most like though.


Available in nine languages the Infor Omni-Channel Campaign Management delivers some feature improvements that marketing teams will in an interface that really delivers the improvement they are looking for. This would not normally be a major release, but despite being a dot release it may make a major difference to user productivity.

Jason Rushforth,Vice President & General Manager - CRM Business Unit at Infor (Source LinkedIn)
Jason Rushforth,Vice President & General Manager – CRM Business Unit at Infor

Jason Rushforth, vice president, Infor Customer Experience “Marketers are overwhelmed with data, and in today’s marketplace where there are more communication channels than ever to manage, investment in innovative tools to more effectively implement, manage, and track campaign strategies, is necessary.

“Infor continues to invest and develop its customer relationship management solutions so our customers have leading edge technology to streamline tasks to keep their campaigns as robust and direct as possible in the marketplace.”

While it a shame that the product has dropped the Epiphany name, one can only hope that Infor will bring back a more suitable name that the software deserves. It is perhaps ironic that a marketing platform has such an engineered name as Infor Omni-Channel Campaign Management. One hopes that the Hook & Loop team had a better name for the software.



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