Sevenoaks Security Showcase.

BT Security Showcase in Sevenoaks (Source
BT Security Showcase in Sevenoaks

The second announcement is around the opening of a security showcase centre in the BT office in Sevenoaks, a short walk from the railway station that is itself only 26 minutes by train from London Bridge.

The centre is a live SOC (Security Operations Centre) that offers several experiences for customers:

  • How our intelligence teams use the latest threat information to provide a sophisticated approach to cyber defence.
  • Multiple attack scenarios, demonstrating our award-winning products and services in action.
  • Our unique Assure Cyber platform, providing a single pane view of a complex set of security tools and information feeds.
  • Security Analysts talking about how they work as part of a 24X7 global team to target the latest malware or denial of service attacks.
  • BT’s own experiences and how we protect one of the largest networks in the world.
  • How we can easily link up other showcases, bringing you a flavour of this live operational environment no matter where you are in the world.

BT seems to have missed a trick, while it may be important for CISO’s, CISSP’s and security professionals  to validate how the BT operation works there could have been a lot more added.  CyberSecurity prevention and management is not just about preventing incidents which the BT centre seems to be concentrating on but is also about how companies react once an incident occurs.  What BT should be delivering is not just the a “real-life working environment and the security actions based on up to the minute threat intelligence”, but a site where cybersecurity scenarios can be played out.

With its proximity to London the Sevenoaks centre would be an ideal location to host such events and it will be interesting to see how the SOC develops its facilities.


The BT “Cloud of Clouds” is getting stronger and more comprehensive as they integrated the different BT products into the portfolio. How BT pitch these new features to customers will be interesting to see. Whether they go for the “we can do everything” or whether they target specific gaps within customers will be done to the skill of individual account managers.

The Sevenoaks SOC is a welcome addition to their customer facing demonstration centres, it will be interesting to see how it develops. While it has its purpose as a demonstration SOC, delivering confidence to potential clients that BT will protect their network, one wonders if it could have been so much more.


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