Can a Watch have too many Apps?

As more and more vendors create apps for the Watch users will need to start to consider what is important to them at a given time. It is easy to see that having too many Apps installed and an inability to prioritise what needs to be seen could become a problem. In time Watch wearers will need to consider what is most important to them. It will be interesting to see how the OS for the watch develops and as people start using these devices in earnest what applications are used when.


Infor seem to have picked the most sensible direction to go for their initial apps for wearables, especially the watch. It will be interesting to see what other wearable tech is on show at Inforum in November and how many Apple Watches are on display by clients.

Where Infor take their wearables apps next will be interesting. At the moment most ERP vendors seem to be developing along similar lines and with this announcement Infor are certainly near the forefront in integrating their applications to the Apple Watch. We wait to see what other wearables the applications will be ported to next.


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