Pick lists makes it child’s play to enter data

When I went to a local “Pick your Own” recently it came to me that pick lists are important to all, and can make life more simple. Inputting new data in a spreadsheet for a database type of list can take a very long time and can lead to mistakes, be it in the form of mistyping or using the wrong word in a field.

To combat this you can create a “Pick List” so that those mistakes do not happen. Also if you hand over the data input to someone else they cannot create new categories or break your future searches and sorts.

To create this pick list use the following steps.

  • Either on the same sheet as your database or a separate one, which is more desirable as this then will not interfere with the sorting you may do, type your list in the order you require.
  • Select the list and name it. (see previous Tip for naming cells and ranges)  Tips - Excel Pick list 1
  • On your database sheet select the area where you require this pick list to be used.
  • From the Data tab   pick a list 2
    Select the Data Validation tool.

pick a list 3

  • Select Data validation from the list.

pick a list 4

  • In the Allow box select List. This in turn displays the Source box. In which you need to type “=Pick_List” where Pick_List is the name of your list.

pick a list 5

  • Start inputting your data on the sheet and when you select a cell that you have previously allocated the data validation rule to, you will see a drop down arrow.

pick a list 6

  • Select the arrow and the list appears for you to make your selection of data to be displayed in that cell.

pick a list 7

N.B. This pick list is only available in the one workbook you created it in.


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