Financial Force adds Fitbliss to Ready apps
Financial Force adds FitBliss to Ready apps

Do you have a healthy workforce? With Dreamforce 2015 only a day away and HR Tech 2015 due to start in just over a months’ time FitBliss has announced a “strategic partnership” with  This is probably a bit of a stretch from the point of view, but for FitBliss with an announcement made by Navid Rastegar on Linkedin Pulse, rather than its own website this is quite a big deal.

Healthy Workforce measured through HCM

FitBliss is an app that integrates wearable and mobiles with Salesforce. It delivers a portfolio of tools and applications that allow employees to track their physical activity throughout the day and compare it with colleagues. From an employers perspective it can also produce reports that measure physical activity and routines for employees. With integration to the HCM application the solution can now be integrated into the company HRM function.

For FitBliss, bringing their application into an ERP solution will widen its appeal for many. For those companies looking to offer incentives to staff to remain and help them enhance their fitness this means that FitBliss is no longer a separate application for HCM to access. The integrated data will also allow more efficient measurement by team leaders and HCM managers. The integration means that data fields common to both applications are shared.

What cost a healthy workforce

Founded in 2014, FitBliss works primarily with Fitbit devices delivering information that those wearables capture. The app works on both Android and iOS devices as well as one the Salesforce mobile platform. The latter appears to be getting traction from users with five positive reviews on its Salesforce AppExchange profile. Disappointingly there is little information around pricing available.

HRM at its best looks to maximise the potential of employees for the betterment of their company. FitBliss looks to support that by delivering an application that not only provides information on employee activity but helps and motivates them to greater things.

The outcomes of this can be positive and while employees may be able to take advantage of paid sick leave soon in several states it is far better that no sick days are needed in the first place. Having a healthy and active lifestyle can help with that. Can a price be put on health?  It can’t but unfortunately FitBliss hasn’t put a visible price on their app. Given the cost of Salesforce and companies will want to consider the cost benefits of Fitbliss when making the decision to adopt the product.


This is a sensible step for FitBliss, integrating to an HCM platform may upon up a list of companies that would not have considered FitBliss before, or at the very least removes a bar from its implementation. It will be interesting to see how successful FitBliss is at Dreamforce and whether it manages to win some customers as it seeks to grow.


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