Tips Keyboard Shortcuts in MS Office
Tips Registered, Unregistered Trademark a and Copyright Shortcut

Todays tip is around keyboard shortcuts within MSOffice, specifically Microsoft Word, in particular three symbols that some documents need frequently. If you have ever been frustrated by having to use the tool bar then these will save you a bit of time.

  1. Control Key + Alt Key + “C” for the copyright Symbol ©
  2. Control Key + Alt Key + “R” for the registered trademark symbol ®
  3. Control Key + Alt Key + “TM” for the unregistered trademark symbol ™
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Steve Brooks
Steve Brooks has worked in IT for nearly 30 years, working through different roles to CIO in a number of vertical markets including Finance, Manufacturing and Real Estate. A qualified Project Manager. He spent 17 years at Savills plc, a FTSE 250 real estate company, rising to CIO before leaving in 2012. Steve is Director of Consultancy at Synonym Ltd and while studying at Henley Business School for his MBA was deputy editor at, a Dods Group publication. He joined CIC as an associate consultant in 2013. He is a member of BCS and an associate member of the Institute of Directors.


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