Zoelle Egner, PR Specialist at Box
Zoelle Egner, PR Specialist at Box

Box has secured business from several high growth company adding to its significant enterprise portfolio. In a blog by Zoelle Egner Box has announced that Airbnb, LinkedIn, Spotify, Twitter and Zenefits are all using Box. This snippet of positive news follows the Q4 results announcements which saw the share price slump as despite revenues being up, losses had also risen.

About the results Aaron Levie, CEO co-founder and CEO of Box said in March “We continue to invest aggressively to capture our large market opportunity”. Shareholders will be hoping that this announcement is as much about increasing revenues as it is about profits. Building up a company by burning through cash while heading towards an IPO is one thing, destroying ones share price is another.

As well as the global agreement with GE, Box has several other high profile clients including Cisco, eBay, Autodesk, Flextronics and Symantec. Its growth now sees it being used by 47,000 companies and 37 million users globally. Levie believes Box is in a good position to answer some of the challenges that these high growth and evolving companies are facing commenting: “Organizations of all sizes are facing new competitive forces requiring them to move faster, build smarter products, make better decisions based on data and collaborate globally.

“This information-driven transformation requires organizations to contend with new ways of working that reshape their organizations and markets. We are incredibly excited to work with these organizations to empower employees with better access to information, drive more productivity company-wide, and scale with them as they grow.”

The blog goes onto explain how each of the five companies are using the Box platform.

  • Airbnb operates a website to rent out lodgings and has over 1,000,000 listings. It utilises Box company-wide as a content management tool for both documents and images, increasing the productivity of its staff. Mike Jennings, head of Global IT at Airbnb commented; “Airbnb is all about people and experiences; our goal is to create a sense of belonging. We apply that same vision to our IT strategy, implementing systems and solutions that will help the business scale… Box makes it easy for our employees to collaborate and always have access to the documents teams need to be productive.”
  • LinkedIn has made Box available to all employees to power internal and external collaboration and support media teams sharing large files.
  • Spotify selected Box to enable employees across numerous departments to quickly and easily create documents, manage them from a central location and securely share and collaborate on them simultaneously.
  • Twitter leverages Box for personal drive replacement and to streamline project management for employees collaborating internally and with external parties.
  • Zenefits chose Box as the internal and external collaboration tool for their sales and customer support teams and to provide these teams with a central repository for all information.

Listing Zenefits as one of its “high growth” customers comes at a time for Zenefits where the row between them and ADP is heating up. ADP are suing Zenefits for defamation and with Zenefits seeking to have the case dismissed ADP have recently accused Zenefits co-founder and CEO Parker Conrad of lying. Hopefully for Box this is minor fact that can be ignored as irrelevant, though it will no doubt hope that Zenefits will be able to pay for the software it is using at the end of the lawsuit.


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