OVH Roubaix Data Centre
OVH Roubaix Data Centre

Multi-processor cloud provider OVH has announced that it is to deploy the world’s first ARMv8-based public cloud based on Cavium’s ThunderX ARMv8-A 64-bit 48-core processor.

The ThunderX powered cloud will be offered through the OVH RunAbove brand. This is designed to enable customers to take advantage of bare metal servers as part of an OpenStack based public cloud.

According to the press release the benefits to customers will include: “..fine-grained control of a large number of cores, integrated standard low latency Ethernet fabric, 10/40/100 GbE networking, end-to-end virtualization enabled through virtSoC™ technology, and powerful integrated accelerators for packet processing, security, deep packet inspection and virtualization.”

Will OVH expand offering?

OVH will be offering access to two of the four ThunderX options from Cavium, the ThunderX_CP and the ThunderX_ST. At the moment it is not clear if OVH has committed to the rest of the ThunderX family but it would be a surprise if it does not.

According to Miroslaw KLABA, VP R&D of OVH.Com. “With RunAbove ThunderX based instances, we can offer our users breakthrough performance at the lowest cost while optimizing the infrastructure for targeted compute and storage workloads delivering best in class TCO and user experience.”

This announcement means that OVH customers are now able to buy access to Intel, ARM and IBM POWER8-based servers from a single cloud provider. To help meet customer demand, OVH also provides access to Microsoft Azure Pack as a Service, VMware VSphere as a Service, OpenStack and several different versions of Linux.


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