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KeepItSafe has launched Cloud2Cloud, a backup solution to help companies backup data that they have moved to the cloud.

The goal of Cloud2Cloud is to enable customers to backup data in multiple cloud solutions rather than have a separate routing for each cloud-based service that they use. The press release states: “With Cloud2Cloud, users can back up data held in cloud-based SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365, and Google Apps, as well as platforms like Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services.”

Web-based data an ongoing backup challenge

One of the reasons for launching this product is the risk of cloud-based data not being properly backed up. According to Eoin Blacklock, Managing Director, KeepItSafe, : “More and more mission-critical data is being stored online, but many businesses are unaware that the responsibility for backing up this data rests entirely with them; not the service providers.”

Blacklock’s comment about responsibility is nothing new. Ever since companies started to host websites and use online services there has been an issue over who is responsible for online backups. Many companies assume that the service provider is backing up their site and data which they are. However, they are not backing it up as an individual backup that can easily be restored. Instead the backups tend to cover a number of customers which means restoring data is often a time consuming and costly process.

This whole problem has been highlighted by several breaches and outages over the past few years but companies have failed to come to terms with it. While there has been an explosion in Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS), Backup as a Service (BUaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) there are a lot of companies who have not taken advantage of what is available.

KeepItSafe using its own infrastructure

Cloud2Cloud is designed as an extension of the existing KeepItSafe Online Backup service. It starts with an appliance that gathers data from a range of cloud services. That data is then replicated to another data centre creating a redundant copy.

All data is encrypted both in transit and when stored on the KeepItSafe servers which are located inside KeepItSafe’s own cloud data centres. Encryption is fast becoming seen as not only a requirement by customers but as a basic part of any cloud-based service.

In order to protect data that is not stored in systems that are controlled directly by IT departments, it is possible to deploy rules to users. This means that any data they have stored in cloud-based services that IT is unaware of is backed up. By protecting user data in this way, KeepItSafe is trying to close the gap between corporate systems both on premises and cloud-based with the way users are consuming and storing data.


Backing up remote data has always been a challenge. Cloud2Cloud means that as data sprawl into the cloud continues, IT has an opportunity to work with a single solution rather than invest in multiple backup offerings.


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