Sage bags 800x450 Sage 200 ERP
Sage 200 ERP launched

Want to take home a new ERP solution? Sage has launched a new version of Sage 200 ERP aimed at companies from 10 to 200 people in size, it is the logical step up from Sage 50. The new version is being offered on a traditional licence, to be installed on premise and via the cloud with monthly fees. The biggest change in this version appears to be the look and feel of the product, Sage have listened to customers and have developed a user experience that is improved from the previous version, offering enhancements that include faster access to the different application areas and a new favourites option.Enhanced Cash Flow with new HMRC Settlement Discounts

Some of the enhancements listed by Sage one would have expected to be delivered as part of a normal ongoing maintenance update such as the latest compliance to HMRC changes, notably Settlement discounts that are changing from 2015. From 1st April where companies offer a settlement discount for payment made within fifteen days HRMC now allow the VAT amount to be discounted as well.  For small businesses this is an option can enhance cash flow as it makes it more appealing for companies to settle within the 15 day limit.


One of the benefits of ERP should be that business leaders have information at their fingertips and Sage have a feature they name Summary pages to allow for this.  Summary pages deliver an at-a-glance visibility of KPI’s from your business, delivering snapshot information on Sales, purchases and finances. They have also enhanced the Excel reporting function, allowing data to be extracted seamlessly for deeper analysis which can then be loaded back into Sage 200 ERP.


While Sage announced the recent tie up with Salesforce they have not forgotten their own CRM and are delivering the latest version alongside Sage 200 ERP.  This new CRM has enhanced an mail merge function and integrates into MailChimp for mass emailing.  The CRM applications are also supported on mobiles with iPhone and Android applications available for sales teams.

Cloud ERP

The cloud version that Sage have announced has a few interesting features.  The basic functionality is merely the Financial and Excel reporting modules.   The other modules such as Bill of Materials, Commercials, Project Accounting and Workspaces can be bolted on easily for an additional cost.

Other new Sage 200 ERP Features

Sage have not ignored the other modules either. Within the project accounting module there is a new Work in Progress routine that aligns costs and revenues, allowing more accurate profits and loss information to be posted into the ledgers.  This means that accurate project costing can be maintained regardless of the duration of the project and the stock turnover. There is also a new Fixed Asset module  that allows users to record and depreciate their assets within the ERP solution.


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